Atlas Public Library

*Atlas Public Library is a fictional library created for this project

Library Description
The Atlas Public Library (APL) is located in downtown Atlas on the corner of Isis Way and Hera Boulevard. The library is one of ten branches within the Olympus County Library System (OCLS) and serves the suburban community of Atlas, population 35,000 and residents in adjacent parts of communities, Icarus and Osiris. The area is mainly residential, with most working adults commute to nearby Artemis to work. Most residents who live and work in Atlas are employed in the schools, restaurants, retail stores, and other local businesses. Consequently, the library serves a large number of families. The library contains a collection of 125,000 items in both print and non-print formats. There are approximately 15,000 registered users and nearly 5,000 registered minor users.

The library was first established in 1910 and the original building was funded by Andrew Carnegie. Although the library has been remodeled and expanded, first in 1950 and again in 1986, the core of the library remains in the original building. Currently, the library is raising funds to expand the children’s area space by 40%, allowing the children’s collection to expand to meet the needs of the many families in the area.

Mission Statement
The mission of APL is to provide open, free, and equal access to information and ideas enriching the lives all members of the community and providing opportunities for integration of people and knowledge.

Library Goals
  • Provide collections and services to meet community needs and interests. 
  • Promote APL and the OCLS to increase awareness and use of library resources, services and programs.
  • Attract and develop a high-quality staff with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to assist library users.
  • Create an environment which motivates staff to achieve excellence in performance and productivity.

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